VERBÖDEN is a New York City based woman-owned and operated beauty and wellness experiential company that empowers people to take charge of their own well-being. Using a proprietary deep-learning algorithm, VERBÖDEN takes a holistic approach to hyper-customized solutions for each customer that not only promotes beautifully clear skin but also helps with energy during the day, deep restful sleep at night and mental well-being. VERBÖDEN uses verified standards of manufacturing pharmaceutical-grade products, while promoting social and environmental good, transparency, and accountability.


We operate with the following principles:


Our definition of beauty focuses on long term skin health and self-care from the inside out. So we created a line of products that takes a holistic approach to beauty in which the body is empowered by its own regenerative ability to heal itself. VERBÖDEN is a mission-oriented and socially-conscious wellness beautyfood brand that is designed to make the skin glow from within. When combined with VERBÖDEN's special formulation of wildcrafted botanicals, it becomes a powerful treatment for nearly any skin issue by getting to the root cause.

VERBÖDEN'S holistic approach addresses the whole person – body, mind, and spirit. It is based on the wisdom that our physical health and general sense of well-being are one and the same. Common skin problems like breakouts, rashes and itchy skin, redness, blemishes and signs of accelerated aging is an outward display of a body in distress. The outward skin inflammation is a reflection of the internal inflammation happening in the body. What causes it? Part of it is just a consequence of living in a modern day environment filled with toxins and pollutants. But a major part is due to a diet full of highly processed foods and the barrage of chemicals in nearly all skin products we use daily. If there's a skin problem caused by internal inflammation, applying more chemicals will not only fail to address the root cause of your skin issues but it will exacerbate the problem in the long-term. Using the science of plant medicine, VERBÖDEN's holistic approach empowers the body's own remarkable ability to renew itself by promoting healing from the inside out.


We develop and manufacture a complete line of beautyfood products including skincare products, cosmetics, supplements and food & beverages.


Our bottles are made from premium ultraviolet glass that protect its plant-based contents from damaging light oxidation.

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