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Jena Min, Founder of VERBÖDEN

Hi, I'm the founder and Chief Beautyfood Maker of VERBÖDEN that takes a holistic approach to beauty in which the body is empowered by its own regenerative ability to heal itself.

My journey started during my 1-yr residence in an Indian ashram where sadhus or holy men consume cannabis as a part of their spiritual practices. In addition to cannabis and other plant medicines I also studied Ayurveda, essential oils, flower essences, Chinese medicine, raw food and vegetarian diets. When I returned to my life in NYC, my body was no longer inured to all the toxic ingredients in our food and personal care products and my skin started to break out in allergic rashes! I did my due diligence and Googled each of the ingredients but even this is unreliable since so many of these toxic allergens are hidden behind one ingredient called "FRAGRANCE" and that even included unscented products. This is where the worst ingredients are hidden under the guise that it is a proprietary company formula. So I started using the knowledge of holistic plant medicines to make my own skincare products. This evolved into a beauty & wellness brand with a heavy focus on consumer education. I wanted to create a brand that women could trust that isn't full of shit so she can make an informed decision about what is best for her own body. I believe the most dangerous power is self-knowledge.

Despite seeing first-hand seemingly miraculous results from plumping the skin so it looks younger to naturally clearing up acne blemishes, I was not satisfied with the level of guesswork involved since everyone's endocannabinoid system is unique. So I decided to build a deep-learning algorithm that considers your individual genetics, lifestyle, and environmental factors to personalize a treatment plan just for you.

Try it for yourself! Fill out the CBD Beauty Quiz and let our team of experts including a dermatologist, nutritionist, and holistic practitioners customize your CBD formulations.

I'm obsessed with providing you with a rewarding experience. So tell me what's on your mind! It could be an experience you had, some feedback or a question. I'd love to hear from you ; )