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Hi, I'm the founder and Chief Beautyfood Maker of VERBÖDEN Beautyfood that takes a holistic approach to beauty in which the body and the mind is empowered by its own regenerative ability to heal itself.

Inspired by a profound and life-changing experience at 21 years of age during my 1-yr residence in an Indian ashram where in addition to cannabis and other plant medicines I also studied Ayurveda, essential oils, flower essences, Chinese medicine, raw food and Macrobiotic cooking.

One day, while sitting for meditation as I had numerous other times, I had an experience that I had been seeking for a very long time. It was such an overwhelming feeling of inner joy and pure love that the tears just started flowing. They were the tears of someone who was unexpectedly reunited with a long lost love and it was momentous. It was like I had been lost for a long, long time and I had finally found home. Love just seemed to pour out without end and it seemed to be coming from within me. This was a huge revelation to me since I had always been taught to believe that love comes from your parents when you're a child and from your soul mate in adulthood, which in my experience was a fixed game that was as impossible as beating the house. Imagine the thought that love comes from within yourself! This was so revolutionary to me yet so simple. It all became so clear to me in that moment that to experience this infinite potential—in fact, our true nature— was undoubtedly the reason that we were all here. I don't know how long I was sitting there since the whole experience seemed to transcend time and space but it felt like an eternity. I became obsessed with recreating that experience once I returned to life in the city and holding onto it as long as possible.

Years later, I came to realize that the desire to experience this pure love was universal. And it was as elusive to others as it was to me for so long. So I left my unfulfilling corporate life and the idea for VERBÖDEN and curating transformational wellness experiences that help other seekers have a similar experience of inner joy and love was conceived and it is just the beginning.

I hope that you'll join me on this journey!

xo Jena

Jena Min, Founder of VERBÖDEN