OK let's talk about S.E.X. Whether you engage in partnered sex or solo play, sex is at its most pleasurable when you feel in love with yourself first then your partner. Following these cues, ensure you are taking care of what feels pleasurable for you and communicate that to your partner. Intimate touching, caressing, kissing are all important ways to communicate but don't forget about eye contact, sounds, and verbally responding to something you like. There's nothing like the precisely timed "OMG you feel so good!" to let your partner know what's doing it for you.

Sometimes you might want to introduce a little lube play into the mix for a little anal action or just a super wet ride. Our MACK CBD-infused lube can act as a mild aphrodisiac, heightening sensation during sex. You can enjoy the ultimate pleasure during sex, solo female masturbation or mutual masturbation. The MACK also works wonders for vaginal dryness (thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties).

Just keep in mind that we do not recommend using oil-based lubes with latex condoms or toys. Paraben-free, non-scented and organic.