VERBÖDENx hosting NYC Cannabis Week Happy Hour

Posted by VERBÖDENx on Oct 1st 2021

VERBÖDENx is hosting a 2021 NYC Cannabis Week Happy Hour for some anxiety-free socializing and networking. Join us and mingle with cannabis brands and industry leaders over light bites and infused moc … read more

Fight Jet Lag with CBD

Posted by Jena on Sep 3rd 2018

Travel can be a stressful experience with delays, cancellations, dehydration, TSA security, sick people and screaming babies. Add jet lag to the mix and you might be cured of your desire to trav … read more

VERBÖDEN Launch @ Indie Beauty Expo

Posted by Jena on Aug 27th 2018

The Launch After many months of preparing for the launch of the VERBÖDEN Beautyfood brand, we decided to do it at the Indie Beauty Expo in New York. We thought it was important to have direct fe … read more